More Updates Soon

I got really excited when my boss allowed me to take a long weekend next week.  Finally,  I will have time to update Philippine Wedding.  I have also signed up in the google webmaster tool where I can check the errors and deadlinks.  That weekend will definitely full of html and php coding, article writing.  By Sunday, I hope to get the site as complete as possible.


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Some new updates

Because of the long weekend, I was able to fit some philippine wedding stuff into my schedule. I reformated the Wedding Reception page of the directory to make it easier for the users to search for a specific supplier and venue:

I was also able to add a presentation under the Caterers and Wedding Favors.

Baby steps…. but we will get there somehow. I will try to write the article about the wedding history soon.

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We’re Not Moving

It seems that my new job has taken much of my time.  Before, I can come home only 30 minutes after work hours but now I have to extend even later.  I got home tired and drained that I cannot work on Philppine Wedding anymore.  I sometimes think about quitting my job and doing the site full time.  Philippine Wedding is my dream project and I really want to get it up and running.  Yet, I also love and need my job at the moment. 

This weekend, I will add some more suppliers in our Reception directory.

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Wedding Cakes & Jewellers

Finally, I was able to make the initial pages for the wedding cakes and wedding ring.

I wasn’t that busy at work today so I still have some energy to work on those pages. Tomorrow, I will work on reception venues and photographers (hopefully).

After celebrating our 4th anniversary, the more I become eager to finish this site. As I see my finger with a promise ring (the 2nd promise ring, actually), it seems that my dream wedding is closer at hand.

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Still Not Done

Philippine Wedding should have been done and launched last August 1, 2007.  August 1 is a rather significant day in my life – our anniversary.  This is the 4th, and hopefully the last anniversary, not that I want the relationship to end but because, I hope that next year he will already propose.  Well, that is basically one of the reasons why this site is created.  I hope to prepare for our future wedding and at the same time help others who are also planning to do the same.

It is rather frustrating that we were not able to meet our deadline yet, what can we do?  As much as we would like to have the site up and running, certain circumstances occur.  All of us have our day jobs and other responsibilities so we cannot focus on the website.  But I really hope to make it this month – at least the 15th or something.  September is still good, I hope.

I plan to spend more time finishing this website.  Make at least two pages a day for each suppliers and articles.

Please bear with us.  Feel free to send your comments and questions through this blog or through our website:

Your suggestions are valuable to us.  Please let us know what you want us to add to our site – this is actually a perfect timing since we are still constructing the site.

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